Voucher Codes And How They Work?


Voucher codes go by a couple of different names such as promotional codes, discount codes, coupon codes and so on. These codes are used to promote your product or services on your website online. When a customer views a promotional code, it promises a discount or money off on a certain product or on the final bill. It may also give you a certain percentage of money off on all the purchases on the website. In a couple of different websites, voucher codes will help you to get your products shipped free to anywhere you want or gift wrap a product and ship it to anyone you like.

These codes are used by several companies as an effective marketing strategy to push their products or services and give a reason for consumers to pick your product or service as against many other competitors.

Why do they work?
With time and technological advances, most of the shopping happens online. You view the products, check out the reviews written by so many people and decide whether the product is right for you. If it were in a physical shop, you will be able to touch, feel and experience the product before you decide to buy. In this case, a capable and smart salesman will be able to convince you to buy. However, online, you need something additional to convince people to pick one product over the other and that is what the voucher codes do. It just helps to tip the customer over to one side with the extra attraction of a lower priced product.


  • Voucher codes provide an incentive for customers to choose one product over the other
  • The customers get a lower price compared to what they may find in a retail store
  • The e-commerce store records sales which is one of their goals
  • New customers will log into sites to check out the promotions and old customers come back because the lower prices they have paid earlier. Hence this works for both new and old customers.
  • There is a strange satisfaction in sharing the information with friends that a popular product has been purchased at a much lower cost as compared to others (this is based on several studies that say that such discounts make people happy- due to the release of oxytocin, the happiness hormone).


Understanding Your Sales: These voucher codes can be used by businesses to understand their sales through various platforms. By attaching a certain series or a specific number to a certain marketing campaign, they will be able to understand the success of such campaigns. Numbers and understanding the response allows businesses to change or modify the advertising campaigns according to what the customers want. Such platforms also contribute a lot to your understanding of what the customers like in your product. While some people may not click on your voucher codes immediately, feedback from such platforms will give you a good understanding of the return on investment on such campaigns.

Types of Codes: To promote your products or services, you can use a couple of different options. There are Public codes, Private Codes, and Restricted Codes.

Public Codes: What you generally see on voucher codes websites which are extensively advertised and promoted are the public codes. These are available to everyone and the general idea of using this is to invite as many new customers as possible and entice old customers to return for more.

Private Codes: These codes are generally given out as a gift for loyalty. So, if you have been loyal to a certain brand, then such customers are given exclusive discounts and vouchers which can be used by them for purchases. Such loyalty voucher codes generally bring in a lot of people by word-of-mouth.


Restricted codes: Many times, there are special customers you want to reward. For instance, for being a customer for more than a certain number of years, or being the 1000th customer that day or for making 100 purchases of the brand and so on. In such cases, a restricted access voucher code will be provided which will give privileges only to that person. It is also possible that such a code may be given where a customer needs to be appeased.

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